Berner Wintertanztage vom 28. – 30. Dezember 2018

From the 28th – 30th of December 2018 the first celestial, winter-
dance-days and -nights will take place in the heart of Berne the most beautiful town of Switzerland.


In the heart of Bern

From the 28th-30th of December 2018 the first celestial, unforgettable, snow-melting, winter-dancing-days and -nights will take place in the heart of Bern (UNESCO world heritage), the most beautiful town of Switzerland.

Café Blue Moon

To meet, talk, and eat, drink, and relax between the lessons there will be this warm, beautiful and cosy Blue Moon Café where hot soup, fresh bread, fantastic Swiss cheese, salad, cake, tea, coffee and much more can be bought between 12:00-16:00 o’clock.


There is a very limited number of rooms available in a cosy little hotel, just nearby the dancing places, where also the dance teachers and the staff will be staying.

We have to announce that our little hotel is already fully booked. We propose to check out the following alternatives, all in a walking distance of 10-40 minutes trough the snowy, decorated streets of Bern to the different places where we will dance:

Jugendherberge Bern (superschön, neu renoviert!)

Hotel Nydeck (sehr zentral!)

Hotel Metropole

Bern Backpackers Hotel Glocke

Hotel Goldener Schlüssel

Hotel Waldhorn

Sorell Hotel Arabelle

Hotel Allegro Bern



Who’s coming?

You! Everybody – from very early prime first just starting beginners to rocksolid professionals. The only thing that counts is your love to music and long dancing nights…


  • Eugenia Parrilla- Buenos Aires, Argentinien
  • Yanick Wyler- Zürich, Schweiz
  • Flora Benedetti- Bologna, Italien
  • Yohann Réal, Annemasse, Frankreich
  • Sabina Seiler- Bern, Schweiz
  • Thomas Dempfle- Berlin, Deutschland
  • Catrine Ljunggren- Jönköping, Schweden
  • Daniel Larsson- Stockholm, Schweden
  • Vivian Pennafiel- São Paulo, Brasilien
  • Francisco Nogueira- São Paulo, Brasilien
  • Eva Sacchi- Bern, Schweiz


About us

We are friends from all over the places that come together to organize this dance camp with the help of the When Tango’es LindyHop… Society.

  • Susanne Aström- Göteborg, Schweden
    It’s such an inspiring mix of fun people that get together in this team to create a beautiful atmosphere – and the good vibes get me going for months afterwards.
  • Peter Von Salis- Bern, Schweiz
    I love dancing and stumbling to Lindy Hop and Tango – and whenever Eva organizes a dance camp, I make sure to be there and to help out too! Lindy, Tango, Tangoe‘s Lindy and Eva are masters of atmosphere!
  • Alexandra Könz - Zürich, Schweiz
    Ich war begeisterte Lindy Hop Tänzerin als ich zum Tango fand und liebe beide Tänze. So unterschiedlich sie sind, so haben Tango und Lindy doch viele Parallelen: die enge Verbindung im Paar, die Freiheit zu improvisieren, Präzision, Dynamik und das gemeinsame kreieren eines innigen Moments in der Musik. Tango und Lindy ergänzen und bereichern sich gegenseitig sehr. Ich freue mich deshalb riesig auf When Tango‘es Lindy! Mit phantastischen Lehrern, experimentierfreudigen Tänzerinnen und Tänzern, Kaffee und Kuchenduft in der Nase.
  • Emma Westberg - Gäddede, Schweden
    I love Lindy Hop, but don’t yet dance Tango. I’m curious to see the combination of these two dances. I’m part of the team because I love the atmosphere of dancecamps... it’s my dream to work at festivals and events all over the world.
  • Annie Elf- Norrtälje, Schweden
    To be part of this team of nice, fantastic, interesting people from all over is what I want! It will be so much fun to work together, we will make this a great camp for everyone. I also want to meet all these good teachers and I’m curious about the connection Lindy Hop - Tango, as I have been only dancing Lindy Hop so far. I sure it will be amazing! I’m looking forward to meet all the dancers that will come to have fun together!
Emma and Anni
  • Gabriella Ries- Basel, Schweiz
    Ich bin eine „lang ist’s her“-Tangotänzerin und eine "noch nie versucht“-Lindyhopperin und freue mich, im winterlichen Bern und mit spannenden Profis und anderen Tanzfreudigen aus aller Welt neue Schritte zu wagen.
  • Åsa Okutani- Östersund, Schweden
    The combination of two such enjoyable dances as Tango and Lindy Hop must be something special! The vibe Eva has created around this event makes me so excited to be part of it! Dance, meet, flourish... Give your best and together we help each other be our best!
  • Cecilia Ericzon- Karlstad, Schweden
    Since the idea of this camp comes from Eva I immediately knew that this will be an awesome camp! I love both Lindy Hop and Tango and love to combine them. I think that is so interesting to develop. I’m sure this camp will be full of awesome dancing with a heart warming atmosphere. That is why I want to be part of it and hopefully contribute to the atmosphere.
  • Nanda Dias, Sao Paolo, Brasilien
    I like new challenges and experiences such as the combination of Tango and Lindy Hop. It will also be an amazing opportunity to be surrounded by friends and new people!
  • Hugo Coimbra, Portugal
    This camp is very special because it envisages gathering people and prioritising the sense of community regardless of profit, fame or spectacle. It brings people from different backgrounds together (even from two different dance styles). This event promises to be a very fun and rewarding experience. Because of this, I am very happy to be part of the organisation team and am looking forward to meet all you worderful people that will join us for Lindy Hop and Tango classes with amazing teachers.
    Hugo and Nanda
  • Eva Sacchi- Bern, Schweiz
    In 1997 I organized the first dance camp for Tango and LindyHop in Switzerland. Now, just 20 years later I just needed to organize a camp in Bern to bring close together my wonderful friends and these two most beautiful dances again. 
Eva, Annika and Susanne



Myria Poffet und ihre zwei Mannen lassen eine längst vergangene Musikdekade aufleben. Mit Piano, Kontrabass, Schlagzeug und einer samtweichen Stimme lassen Chantemoiselle die Blütezeit des Jazz und Chansons aufblühen. Berndeutsche Texte bringen das Publikum zum Schmunzeln, Sinnieren und Träumen. Ohne Netz und doppelten Boden musiziert das Quartett unverfälscht und authentisch. In ihrer langjährigen Karriere haben sie schon manchen Club, manches Theater und Publikum verzaubert. Chantemoiselle sind aktuell mit ihrem Programm „Es Stück vom Glück“ unterwegs. Chantemoiselle sind Myria Poffet (voc/p), Michel Poffet (b) und David Elias (dr).

Chantemoiselle aka Myria Poffet lässt sich nicht schubladisieren. Für den Mundart-Jazz der 36jährigen Bernerin gibt es keine Kategorien. Die ausgebildete Pianistin und geschulte Sängerin schwebt frei von Konventionen und Erwartungen zwischen den Stilen. Cooler Swing, verrauchtes Chanson, schwermütiger Blues – für Myria Poffet gibt es kein Entweder-Oder, sondern viel mehr: ein Neben- und Miteinander. Unterstütz wird sie von Michel Poffet am Kontrabass und David Elias am Schlagzeug.

Michel Poffet, Myria Poffet and David Elias

The Sheiks

The Sheiks (referring to the song “The Sheik of Araby”) are a bunch of wild rascals, who play jazz in the same way as in the roaring twenties: cheeky, loud, fresh, lively, and humorous.

The Sheiks



LindyHop & Tango Courses- Unique Symbiosis

Two dances from the same era coincide in the heart of the old town of Bern.

One of the most beautiful and special aspects of this camp is the Unique Symbiosis of the two dances Tango and LindyHop and the atmosphere it will be creating.

The philosophy creates the special atmosphere

We believe that a good dancer is a dancer that can make his partner shine and feel confident. The focus will be on the atmosphere couples creates in between each other, on their communication and on how that influences their social dancing. All of the dance teachers will also be students, following the classes in the other dancestyle. All of this together will create a very special and unique atmosphere to this beautiful winter- dancing-days and -nights.


During 3 days our fantastic teachers from all over the world will make you improve your skills in Tango und Lindy Hop and inspire you how to combine the two dances.

You can sign in for 1,5 hours Tango and 1,5 hours LindyHop every day. You can choose from 3 levels and decide for each dance if you would like to sign in as a leader or a follower.

In the evening just before the start of long and beautiful dancing nights, we will teach Open Classes with different approaches to how combine the two dances. The open classes, as the name says, are open to everyone independent of the level you have signed up for.



Yes! I would like to join the Tango and LindyHop winter-dancing-days and -nights in Bern from the 28th – 30th December 2018.

  • Everybody can register, you don’t necessarily have to sign up with a partner. Please mark your level for both of the dances and tell us for each dance if you would like to register as a leader or as a follower. It is allowed to sign up as a leader in one dance and as a follower in the other dance.

    One of the most beautiful and special aspects of this camp is the Unique Symbiosis of the two dances Tango and LindyHop and the atmosphere it will be creating. Therefore we exclude the possibility to register only for one of the dances.

    Class levels / Leading or following

  • Price

  • Includes 3x 1.5 hours LindyHop lessons / 3x 1.5 hours Tango lessons / 3 hours Open Classes / 3 beautiful dance nights, live music and much more!
  • I would love to DJ on one of the dance nights
  • This is a pre-registration. We can’t guarantee the participation to the camp on the basis of this pre-registration. You will only be definitely registered after having received our final confirmation. Please register in your own interest as soon as possible as the camp is limited to 90 people.